10 trending Winter nail art ideas to do at home

While the winter is upon us and it's time for some cosy blankets and hot soup. It's also the time for the wedding season. Winter is all about darker hues and shades, fun glitter and cool designs. While winters can feel gloomy and dull, why not give your nails some fun. Although you can adore any nail art design and colour practically at any time of the year, there are some nail art trends that can brighten your winters and will make you a trendsetter for the season. We have rounded up 10 such trending winter nail art ideas that you can do easily at the comfort of your home and get salon-like nails.

10 cool winter nail art ideas to do at home

  1. This moderate mani goes with practically any outfit, and we love how delightfully basic it is to accomplish. Start by painting your nails with one layer of sheer nude shading. Then, at that point, make a diagonal line in the dark utilizing a nail art brush and fill in a large portion of the nail. Spot a smidgen of nail polish remover on the brush or go through a toothpick to clean the line if required. Finally, top it with a shiny topcoat.
  2. Talk about merry! This colder year, nail art thought accepts two of our beloved things: comfortable sweaters and falling snow. Utilize a nail art brush to paint on a couple of gold snowflakes, then, at that point, add two emphasized nails: one with a fundamental sweater print and one with fun gold shimmer.
  3. Assuming you're searching for a sophisticated nail art design, this plan is ideally suited for you. Start with a clear dark base coat and oval-formed nails. Then, at that point, make a half-moon shape on the fingernail skin utilizing gold clean and finish it off with a solitary gold spot on the tips. Seal the look with a high-sparkle topcoat for Instagram-commendable nails.
  4. Abstract designs are the absolute simplest to reproduce at home because there's no correct method for doing them. This world conditioned mani utilizes a toffee-shaded base coat with a sparkling dark on top for the shapes.
  5. From swimming outfits, carpets to denim, the checkerboard has a second. It's turned into a significant nail art pattern this year, as well. What's more, the excellence of this design is that it's adaptable: use neutrals for an inconspicuous look or go striking with various shades on each nail.
  6. A deep rich burgundy matched with shading hindering and line work together makes the ideal winter nail art design. This theoretical, geometrical style design is an incredible go-to for novices since it indeed just requires some fundamental painting and a little line work. You need to have a dark red, pearlescent white, and genuine dark polish handy— and a toothpick for doing the slender stripes — you'll be all set.
  7. The dusty plum tone is an incredible transition shade in case you're apprehensive about going excessively dull with your colder time of year nails. The inflexion nails should be possible by utilizing a nail art brush to make the marble lines, and the excellence of marble is that there's no ideal method of doing it.
  8. What a fantastic interpretation of snowflake nail arts – albeit the design accompanies a snowflake on every one of the fingertips, it assembles the example with an alternate sort of a snowflake done on every one of the five tips. The association of white and dull blue draws out awesomeness from the design, with a little bit of sparkle, while you can generally add minuscule rhinestones to it to stir up the glamour quotient. 
  9. Vertical-strolling segments of water-motivated shadings that start from the cuticles and advance towards the tips are a particularly exquisite interpretation of winter nail art designs. The nail art utilizes white, mica and silver to pull off the design, while a little hazy shade of dark fills in as the base here. When applied on the nail as dainty strips, the outcome of the shades looks precisely like little ice gems decorating the waterfall.
  10. Regardless of how basic a shade you cover your nails with, a few shining icicles can make them go all wow in a jiffy. These colder time of year nails add icicles to pastel-shaded tips to get the most delightful accents to the light blue base. The actual icicles come in 3 distinct variants done in a rehashing design on the nails – you have a mix of white, dark and glittery silver. A nail brush, a base coat, a topcoat, a light blue nail veneer, a silver sparkle paint, and a white nail polish are all you want to finish the stunning tips.


Now that you are familiar with the latest nail art trends of the season, it's time that you adorn your nails with these stunning nail art designs that too at the comfort of your home. These nails can be done quickly at home with minimal things and tools. So, get ready for a bright winter with bright and cool nail art designs to choose from. 

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