11 Date Night Nail Art Ideas for our Gorgeous Ladies

So, it is your date night and you have already tried dozens of dresses. After you find your perfect outfit, one thing you miss is good nail paint. 

Somehow you are longing to try new nail art and not an ordinary single shade. Now, while you want to experiment, you aren’t really sure if you would want to go ahead. 

Given how this concern is so common with our patrons, we thought, let’s just solve it for you all. In this blog, we are going to discuss 11 date night nail art ideas for you!

11 Date Night Nail Art ideas for our Gorgeous Ladies

So, looking for perfect nail art to match your favorite dress has been an eternity. The confusion is still persisting. Well, you can choose from the designs mentioned below. 

These designs have been in the latest trends. The best thing about them is their DIY nature. You can get beautiful nail art in a few minutes. 

  • Golden nail art 

  • The first design on this list is a golden one. You can give it a try for a dazzling touch on your nails. It would be best to go with dark colors. However, it would best compliment the metallic yellow color.  

    Some more color options for this nail would be solid orange or light red. So, shine on your date night with this art. 

  • Modern color palette nail art 

  • Want to experiment with color palette shade? Go for a rainbow pattern maybe?

    Apply all the shades one by one, in a straight fashion. Try going with a series of light colors for a minimalistic touch. You could rock it with light color dresses such as white or off cream.

  • Tie-dye nail art 

  • The tie-dye derives its name from the traditional art of dying or coloring together. This is extremely easy-to-do nail art. Just put a white shade as the base coat. On the wet coating, apply other colors

    Then, you can use a sandwich bag to put those colors into effect. It will look better if you use a toothpick through the polish. However, it must be done before it dries. You could go for a nail press for an additional effect. 

  • Red heart (frozen white plus red Milan)

  • Do you find the little heart designs pretty? It looks adorable and sweet at the same time. You can get it designed very easily on your nails. 

    You just need to have a base coat of white and red points next to each other. With the help of a fine brush, you can ensure the formation of hearts. This will look pretty and cute once it is done. 

  • Ombre nail art 

  • A rainbow shade nail art, suppressed to represent each shade as a unique one, is called an ombre shade. It is an excellent shade for people wo love to put colors to work. Since it is a DIY art, you need disposable makeup sponges, nail colors, and nail tape. 

    Put on the nail tape. Then put on a base coat of a dark shade. Then use sponges to apply different shades. Add a top coat of a nude shade. let it dry to see beautiful nail art. 

  • Colorful nail art 

  • How about going back to high school? Remember, those colorful shades used to be too pretty and eye-catching. You can try that design for your date night too. 

    Just combine your favorite colors with a nude base. Align them straight or in a curved manner, whatever you feel is right. 

  • Plain sweet nail art 

  • Have you ever thought of using simple colors with the design of fruits? It is high time you design this nail art for your date too. Well, it is your choice of drawing with the nude shade. 

    This design is pretty simple as you have to put a plain shade on one side. On the other side, use some bold colors to create the desired illustration. 

  • Line art 

  • Lines can be a great medium to represent boundaries and figures. However, they also look great on nail art designs. Just use the right shade as the top coat and the base coat. 

    Make sure you use two contrasting colors- probably black and white are two such colors. 

  • Nature inspired 

  • Nature is the source of all the beauty. You can use this inspiration to make beautiful art designs. It is obvious that green is the best color for this purpose. 

    You could have a white base or a light color. decorate it on the sides with green leaves designs or terms. It will look very pretty and would go well with any color. 

  • Minimal yet elegant 

  • Never consider more to be more. Rather, sometimes less can be more. Use a transparent shade to decorate it with beads of another color. 

    You could also have some minimal ornamental crystals. It is a simple design to do yourself. 

  • Black and white 

  • It is obvious that only two colors are required for this nail art- black and white. Use black shade as a base coat and white as another or vice-versa. There is no restriction of designs as you can do anything the way you want. 

    What is in our store for these Nail Arts? 

    There is no limit to creativity and nail art designs, However, check out our resources for getting these nail enamels conveniently. 

    These are some of our shades that can help you get beautiful nail art with minimum effort. Choose your favorite shade from this list: 

    • For golden nail art, go for dazzler gold. 
    • Choose frozen white, pistachio green, and mauve it for the color palette shade. 
    • Get tie-dye design for your nails with any combination of colors available. For example, Mont blue, pistachio green, pink bounce, and others. 
    • Red heart uses frozen white, red Milan, or pink bounce with red Milan. 
    • Plain sweet nail art and minimal-yet-elegant can be done with any bold color. 
    • Colorful and ombre can be made with any color combination. 
    • Nature-inspired design can be made with pistachio green and frozen white. 
    • Use black forest with frozen white for a black and white design. 

    Closing Lines 

    We hope you had a good time reading about the nail arts for your date. Do not forget to share your #EkmikInspired designs with us on Instagram and maybe you’ll win an exclusive Gift Voucher!!

    Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing.

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