12 easy nail art designs you can do with your Ekmik Nail Colors

Nailart is a signifiant routine with women of all ages. If you are a mom of teenagers who love this sort of activity, then this blog just for you.

Use mani and pedi activity to chit-chat with your friends or sisters or daughters. This ritual stands for universal girl time!

And how amazing will it be if you had variety of nail colors that are not only fashionable but also rich in biotic and coated with avocado oil. Not only that but it 100% vegan and made cruelty free. 

Want to know what brand gives you this sort of perks? - It’s Ekmik. 

Check out these amazing nail art designs to get closer with your girlgang. 

Let’s paint our nails right away! 

12 Easy nail art designs you can do with your Ekmik Nail Colors:

To begin with let’s narrow down the nail shapes that you can do for your fingers that’ll make you look elegant, sophisticated, fun and adventurous! 

Round-shaped nails - 

You’ll just need your nail shaper to make those sharp edges blunt, make it look professional and humble. Paint a nude shade or a transparent color, you are good to go rock your business meetings! 

Stiletto nails - 

Even wearing a stiletto makes you sexy! Imagine how your fingers would look with a stiletto nails. 

Aren’t you curious? All you got to do is take a bead of acrylic and fill it in with the help of the nail shaper to get the perfect nail length of your choice. 

Wait until it’s semi-dry, and pinch the corners to get a sharp edge nail. Then shape and make it a stiletto. 

Oval-shaped nails - 

    The edges are deep just like a woman’s thoughts. Sensible and makes a statement with every step she takes. Oval shaped nails are for boss girls and I’m sure you are one. 

    Square nails - 

    Box it up. It’s worth it girls! Square nails go with every single outfit in your wardrobe I swear. Get a french manicure, square nails with white tips. 

    And flaunt your nails everywhere you go! 

    Almond shaped nails - 

    Almond shaped nails are a class, elegance is what it represents. Wear it and make it your identify. A lovely girl, with pretty nails and savage attitude. 

    Coffin shaped nails - 

    This shape suits woman with utmost patience. It quite breakable. Pack it with a bead of acrylic and shape it with a machine nail shaper. 

    It’s a brilliant look for brides and bridesmaids. 

    Be Summer Ready with our new variety of Ekmik colors to shine like the sun, fierce and bright.

    Check out our website and get 30% off on our new colors! 

    1. Make a statement with our Red Milan. Curate a design of your choice after applying this smoking hot red to look classy and sexy! 
    2. Pollock dots never go out of style. Trust me! It’s cute for movie or coffee date? Use Frozen white to base it and use Citrus orange to finish the look for your summer dress. Draw inspiration from below. 
    3. Shimmering tips must be in your party calendar. Use a transparent nail colour as base and top it up with Dazzler gold to finish the look. 
    4. Match all pastel colors in your nail color bag to look modern and chic. Our Pistachio green is to die for! 
    5. Starry eyed girl must not only have stars sparklin gin their eyes but also on their fingers. Use Orange wine as base and lemonade it with stars. Quirk it up! 
    6. Lines are a classic. Simple yet the look is to try for all fits and fixtures. Blossom pink could be an enthusiastic line on Purple heart
    7. Girls can be cheeky with Peach it and pair it up with a frilly gown and you are good to go. 
    8. Bouncers will let you inside the party if you just flaunt our Pink Bounce with a little black dress. What design should I wear you ask? Top it up a layer of Rose-bud gold to make it shiny. 
    9. Mauve it and Purple dream could make your dream come true. Give gentle strokes of half and half to look girly. 
    10.  Want to go plain and simple? Cuppa brown can be your woody friend during adventurous treks. 
    11.  Black on tips is something that is trending. Use Blue Valentine on base and Black forest on your tips to make it look like a denim finish. 
    12. Want to be spread and mighty as an ocean? Then Artic blue is your color, add cross strokes of Hint purple on it to finish the wave like look. 


            Try it out girls and hope you love these amazing colors that can surely adore your fingers for long and to maintain a healthy set of nails.

            Check out the Ekmik website for more exciting colors that can rock your cosmetic world! 

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