5 long lasting base coat nail polish for every nail need

While doing a manicure at home, you might choose the best nail polish formulas that give your nails a professional and long-lasting look. But what we mostly don't think about is buying a good long-lasting base coat. A good base coat will provide the nails with strength, prevent stains, provide grip, and don't chip off and dry out quickly. So to ensure the best at-home manicure, we give you 5 such long-lasting base coat nail polishes that will fulfil all your nail needs, whether looking to add shine, harden nails or prevent chipping. 

5 long-lasting base coat nail polishes for every nail need

  1. Ekmik's twin coatthis two in one base coat nail pain acts as a base coat and a topcoat. It improves nail polish adherence as a base coat, prevents nail gripping, and smoothes the nail surface. As a topcoat, it provides shine, protects colour for a longer time and is cheap resistant. The base coat maintains the health of the nails and prevents them from turning yellow or stained. These eco-friendly, 100 percent vegan base coat nail paint from Ekmik tops the list.   
  2. Another on the list is the base coat from Sally Hansens. It is enriched with silk powder and castor oil that provides a smooth base for the nail paint. It makes the nails strong and shiny and prevents staining. It also provides grip and lasts for a long time.
  3. Essie first base coat is another option to consider. This popular Essie product is an especially wonderful choice when you want a DIY manicure that lasts as long as humanly possible, thanks to the rubber glue in the composition (i.e. all the time). If you're using it on its own, the shiny surface provides a professional touch.
  4. The OPI base coat primer will help if your nails are weak or prone to splitting and breaking. It also contains hydrolyzed keratin to prevent tearing and peeling and antioxidant-rich lotus flower extract and bamboo extract to strengthen. It will also help in the acceleration of nail growth. Apply one thin coat and then finish with your favourite colour.
  5. The only drawback to DIY manicures is the time spent waiting for the lacquer to dry. Revlon understands this, which is why they've given us this quick-drying base coat that speeds up the entire process. It dries in seconds so that you may paint each nail, and by the time you've finished all 10 fingers, your nails would be primed and ready for colour.


When purchasing a base coat, the essential aspect to look for is the presence of nail-caring chemicals. Look for keratin, vitamin E, soy protein, calcium, bamboo, and castor oil if you have weak, brittle, peeling nails or are a recovering gel polish junkie. Opt for a dual top and base coat if you prefer a one-step manicure. And Ekmik's twin coat is our go-to choice for buying base coat nail polishes. To explore the wide range of nail paint collections, you can head over to the link. 

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