7 Nail looks to fight the winter blues 

Winters have already approached, and we love the cold breeze and hot soups. While the days are gloomy and monotonous at times, you can spruce it up with a perfect manicure. While you switch to heavy jackets and puffer coats in winters, why not make your nails winter-ready.

Winters are usually associated with deep and darker hues like burgundy, deep red, blue and black. Also, the festival season is around the corner, and you have many occasions lined up. So add some spark to your gloomy winter days and beat the winter blues with some amazing nail looks to rock which can also be done from the comfort of your home. We bring you the season's choicest nail looks to adorn these winters.

7 nail looks to fight the winter blues

  1. Purple is a perfect colour related to extravagance, sovereignty, and complexity. Thus, it should not astonish anyone that purple nails are a significant pattern this year, and there are numerous shades to test. This permits you to observe a look that compliments your complexion, nail shape, and length. Purple likewise combines well with different tones, and you can decide to join changing shades relying upon your inclination.
  2. Gingham is a fun yet simple print to attempt, and it is the ideal decision for winter. It is characterized by a two-shading design, with exemplary blends including red and white, red and black, or blue and white. While you can explore different avenues regarding distinctive shading mixes to observe the one that best mirrors your style, red gingham is a striking decision. Red and black is an intense blend that will get your hands taken note. It is additionally an incredible way for causing you to notice the length and state of your nails, and in light of its effortlessness, it will function admirably on all nail shapes and lengths.
  3. Red is a colour that requests consideration, and it can feature your nail shape and length by attracting the eye to your hands. It is an excellent choice for ladies who need to be seen and related to energy, sentiment, and enticement. Numerous ladies are reluctant to experiment with red enamel since it is extraordinary regardless of being ravishing. At that point, a decent elective is to wear red tips. This is a cutting edge way to deal with the exemplary French nail manicure and allows you to have some good times with your nail designs. You can wear it over a nude or clear base coat. The outcome is a ladylike and stylish look that works best on longer nails.Sparkle nails are fun, ladylike, and ideal for any stormy nail manicure. The shimmery polish can be worn in more than one way, with a strong line at the tip, gleaming snowflakes, or over your cherished shading. For the chicest and wearable completion, stick to soft, impartial colour enamels supplemented by the sparkle. Toning it down would be ideal for this situation, for instance, with a clear base coat and gold sparkle. The allure of sparkle nail veneer is that it is pretty and intriguing.
  4. Blue nails are fantastic for the colder time of year, mainly when you pick a more deep shade like cobalt, dim blue, or midnight blue. These tones are regularly connected with class, and it very well may be a pleasant way for evaluating a more obscure polish without being pretty much as striking as dark. You can paint every one of your fingernails or utilize blue as a base coat for more innovative designs, like a snowflake. You can match blue polish with silver for a great choice, adding a little shimmer to your nails and making it considerably, really intriguing. Wear strong, impartial colours for your dress to make a more smoothed out appearance.
  5. Holographic nails are popular throughout the year yet will make a sparkling and fun choice during the colder months. This exceptionally reflective polish is made with an extraordinary shade and offers an effortlessly stylish expression. It may be worn on nails and shapes and can be combined with all tones. You can paint each fingernail with a holographic finish or keep it straightforward and inconspicuous by doing it on just one nail, with the rest a strong, impartial shade of dim or dull blue.
  6. The animal print has stayed a firm top pick in the design world for quite a long time since it can say something yet is exceptionally simple to wear and can blend and coordinate with different colours. A similar methodology can be applied to your nails; however, consolidate your print with earthy coloured nail polish for a more quelled and integral choice. The warm tones make for a great winter nail manicure that is additionally fun and remarkable. Explore different avenues regarding the placement of your panther print.


    These nail looks are perfect for winters and can add that bling to your dull cold days. So this winter, try these nail looks and amp up your style quotient. You can try these winter nail looks with Ekmik's versatile range of nail paints. Ekmik's products are 100 percent vegan, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable, glamorous and healthy. They also have a flat 20 per cent winter sale going on, a better reason to shop. 

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