7 Simple ways to prevent brittle nails and keep them beautiful

What matters the most for beautiful hands? Is it a good manicure? Would an expensive treatment suffice the beauty of your hands? Well, looks like you  forgot the common component in all these cases-  your nails. They are as important as the rest of your hands. Well-trimmed and clean nails give a pretty look and add a flavour of elegance too.

On the other hand, brittle nails are a problem. Not only do they cause inconvenience, but they also look unkempt and dirty. In this blog, let's learn about how we can avoid brittle nailsBesides, we will also learn about some exciting nail art designs and colors. 

We deserve the best nails, don’t we?

7 simple ways to prevent brittle nails and keep them beautiful 

Your nails deserve the best with the least investment. Here are some go-to tips for strong nails. Follow these simple tips and get the nails you crave for!

1. Get yourself a biotin supplement 

Experts say vitamin B is an excellent choice for strong hair and nails. Biotin is a rich source of Vitamin H and B-7. Since it is not an organic vitamin, it needs to be consumed through external sources. sources of Biotin are sardines, cooked eggs, and legumes. 

2. Minimal exposure to water

Water forms a major portion of the human body and is essential for our survival. However, sometimes too much water exposure (mostly external) can be dangerous. This can lead to the breaking of nails. What you can do is wear protective clothing while doing daily chores. 

3. Hydration is the key

Contrary to the external exposure, being adequately hydrated helps in ensuring a good nail health. Nails are also prone to many harms such as brittleness. reduce such chances with enough hydration. 

Doctors advise the consumption of 1 to 2 litres of water every day. Stick to these norms and ensure healthy nails as well as good metabolism. 

4. Diet matters

What you eat also needs attention. A diet full of crucial vitamins and minerals is an asset for a healthy body. Your nails are not an extension. 

Ensure the consumption of the right diet to avoid any sort of complications. Brittle nails can be the result of important vitamin deficiency. You may consult a physician for the right advice. 

5. Say no to gel/ acrylic nails 

Fancy accessories such as acrylic nails are very attractive. They are a good option for many people. However, not every time they can help you. 

Acrylic nails are associated with chances of cancer. Although such chances are low, what is the harm in being cautious? Instead, use lotion to moisturize your nails. 

6. Carefully choose the products

We get infatuated by brands advertised by our favorite celebs. The truth is that not everyone’s body is the same. Your nails are different from everyone else. 

Try choosing the products suited for your nails. get recommendations from the experts for the best choice. Remember, your choice will determine your results. 

7. Avoid using harmful shampoos  

Shampoos are intended for hair. But one thing you didn't know is that it can affect your nails too. Chemically harsh shampoos can make your nails brittle. 

Go for organic and natural shampoos. They can save your nails from being prone to breaking. 

Some nail colors you should definitely try! 

After a row of helpful tips, let's have a look at some amazing shades. 

Not only would they improve your nails' look, but would add to your satisfaction too. 

  • Red Milan 

  • Red, the color of love and boldness, never fails to attract. Rock your night party or family function with this shade. 

    Ensure the complete look with a dark color dress and complementary jewellery. See the magic of Red Milan in your hands. 

  • Frozen white 

  • Make your summer dressing more appealing with frozen white shade. Go carefree with this shade and enjoy your date. 

    Use some topping like citrus orange to achieve an outstanding summer look. 

  • Dazzler gold

  • Make your party wear more appealing and attractive with a dazzling gold shade. 

    Get the party ready with this unique and special color. Be a showstopper with a dazzler gold shade. 

  • Pistachio green

  • Ever thought of a color palette shade? Well, it's time to try one. 

    Get a modern and chic look with the pistachio green shade. This look can complement any light coloured dress. 

  • Orange wine 

  • Trying orange wine shade would complement a stylish and cool look. 

    Go for some amazing combinations. What's more interesting, complete it with the lemonade look .

  • Blossom pink 

  • Pink is one of the favourite shades of girls (mostly). Try blossom pink for a cute and versatile touch. 

    Get the best out of this shade with the purple heart. Add a pro touch for your nails. 

  • Peach it

  • Yes, it's right. Peach it as soon as possible and you are ready. 

     Get yourself ready with a peach color that suits all frilly dresses. 

  • Pink bounce 

  • Pink is a color palette in itself. Try an amazing look of pink bounce on dark dresses. 

    Want to make it more interesting? Garnish it with a rose-bud gold shade for an exquisite look. 

  • Mauve it 

  • Mauve it is a shade of professional and work-friendly effects.

    This works magically with a little pinch of purple dream. Go for this design for a light and professional look. 

  • Cuppa brown 

  • Want to be bold and beautiful at the same time? Try Cuppa brown as your new companion. 

    Whether it is a new project or a date, it works for both of them. 

    • Blue valentine 

    Blue can be a beautiful shade apart from being the symbol of calm. Try blue valentine for a beautiful blue effect. 

    Experiment with black forest and achieve an unmatched dark look. 

    Hope you find your best style to rock on occasions! There is more to your nails when it comes to shades and products. 


    So far, this session has shared the tips that can get you strong nails. Ensure following these tips along with others for the nails you deserve. 

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