7 Trending Nail Colors to go for this Season

Aren’t you someone who wants to try something new all the time? If so, why be an exception with BRAND NEW nails colors? 

This monsoon has been unbearably sunny and when it rain - oh my! Can we spring in some amazing colors to brighten the world when it’s dull? 

Dare to try new colors that not only pop up your nails but also your personality.

Some nail colors dried up, some broken and a few that you are afraid to try on! Worry not. We got you covered with amazing colors that will definitely work for not only the season but also you queens out there! 

This blog is just for you to know the top 7 trending colors in the market that should be your go-to colors for the season! 

Top 7 trending nail colors to go for this season: 

Aren’t you curious to know hat colours have made the list to make you look classy and on-trend fo rhtis season!? 

If yes, why wait then? 

  • Neutral Nude: 
  • Nude colours are very elegant which shows professionalism and class. Are you going to office? A movie date? Catching up with a friend? 

    You may not be able to show up to all these places int he same outfit but you can definitely go with the same nail color. 

    Nude works will all and you can represent your subtle beauty everywhere you go! 

  • Black forest:
  • Black is not just a slimming color but also shows you dare to take risks. Only an adventurous person looks for something as fierce as black color.

    Have you checked out Ekmik’s NEW Black Forest

    I bet you, you’ll love the nail color more than you love the cake.  

  • Pistachio: 
  • Pastels are the new luxury colour. Especially the pistachio shade that’ll make you feel sophisticated. 

    Is your friend getting married? Want to be the gorgeous bridesmaid with your pastel green lehenga for the D-day?

    Well then, all you have to do is add our pistachio shade to your bag and your look is complete! 

  • Frozen white:
  • “Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore….”

    That’s exactly it! You can’t hold yourself back from buying Ekmik’s Frozen white for your casual, formal or party look. 

    If you got this shade of nails, wear a white t-shirt and jeans, or pair it up with a white saree or salwar kameez, or a paid of work trousers and a white shirt. You are good to go! 

  • Red Milan: 
  • Planning to look sexy on the dance floor? Red never really goes out of style! 

    That is exactly why you can wear that chic little red dress, paint your nails with our assertive Red Milan to look as attractive as ever. 

    Go rock that dance floor. All eyes are on you. 

  • Midnight blue:
  • Got electric blue nail colour? Got navy blue nail color? 

    But do you own the midnight blue one that will look fantabulous with your denim jacket or shirts? 

    Re-think the look and just described and buy it NOW for you wont be regretting your decision. 

  • Purple Dream:
  • Want to explore a shade that is neither pink nor maroon? Well, purple dream is what you are looking for!

    Look like a dashing diva and purple dream, finish the look with an elegant plain purple color chikankari kurti. 

    Can you imagine going to your family gatherings like this?  

    How to apply nail colors flawlessly? 

    Do we all not just mess one or two fingers while painting them with our favourite new colors? 

    We got you covered with some exciting proven steps that’ll help you not smudge your wonderful nail colors. 

    One or two strokes is all it takes! 

    Step 1: Wash your hands, pat them dry and moisturize your fingers thoroughly. 

    Step 2: Let’ it sit for a second or two for your hands to absorb the cream or gel you applied to lock in the moisture. 

    Step 3: Apply a base coat on your nail, and let it settle in. 

    Step 4: Take your favorite nail color that matches your mood. Apply the first layer and wait for under a minute to let it dry. 

    Step 5: Apply the same colour for the second time to thicken and darken the color to make it look bold and fierce.

    Step 6: After a minute or so, apply the top coat to make your nails look shiny and also to lock in the color that your chose to paint your nails. 

    Step 7: Feel fabulous for the rest of the week or two with the new nail color! 


    Isn’t it amazing to have a healthy alternative to look beautiful and confident. Wondering what I’m talking about? 

    Imagine applying a nail color rich in biotin (protein) and have the avocado oil essence to make the nail color more fragrant, human-friendly! 

    That is exactly what Ekmik  nail polish can do for you! 

    We have launched these four amazing colours. But we got more! 

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