8 Nail Care Tips for Beautiful, Healthy, Glowing Nails

Having strong, beautiful, and glowing nails is not just about being healthy but also feeling the power of confidence. And we women want it all, don’t we? 

For the nails that you plan on having, just a regular manicure isn’t going to cut it. To be more thorough, let’s jump in and learn a few nail care tips to have brittle-free nails adorned with nude, neon, or dark colors! 

Here, your nail care tips are separated in two ways - internal and external care. Internal care is where you consume healthy food and supplements to make your nails healthy. And external care is where you use nail care oils and other care tips. 

Let’s start painting, shall we? 

8 Nail Care Tips for Beautiful, Healthy, and Glowing Nails: 

Internal nail care tips: 

Eating healthy is the first step of any self-care. Including power food in your diet can enhance your nail growth, health, and look. 

Take a look at the list of vitamin-rich food items that’ll help you achieve the glowing nails that you always wanted!

Eggs - We know eggs are a major source of protein but do you know that it also brings in Vitamin A, B, B7, and B12. So whip up an omelet for your breakfast or better… boil an egg or two for mid-day snacks.

Green vegetables - I know it might sound awful but trust me it gives you so much more than strong nails. Especially beans, it's rich in protein, zinc, and biotin.

Soaked Almonds - Are you a nutty person? If not. You definitely need to start being one. Take 5-6 almonds, soak them overnight, peel off the skin in the morning and have it with your lemon honey water/tea.

Believe me! It’ll change your life. A quarter cup (one serving) of almonds have around 1.5mcg (micrograms) of biotin while aids in strong and shining nails, hair, and skin. You get 3 in 1 benefit when it comes to soaked almonds. 

Mushrooms - Our favorite fungi. Have it sauteed with butter and add them to your salads, or soup it up! It has the highest level of biotin and also contains the B-complex vitamins such as niacin and riboflavin.

Sweet potatoes - Have you ever thought of switching ordinary potato fries with sweet potatoes? Just half a cup of sweet potatoes contains 2.4mcg. 

    Not feeling like oil frying it? Then air-fry it! It’s not only healthier but also hassle-free. 

    External nail care tips: 

  1. Use nail cuticle cream or oil: 
  2. Mild massaging of nail cuticle cream or oil can increase the blood circulation around the nails which will, in turn, stimulate the growth of strong nails. Make sure to research well on the brands of nail cuticle cream or oil in the market before purchasing one. 

  3. Moisturizing your hands: 
  4. Are your hands dry and starting to wrinkle? It’s a cry for help and time to moisturize. Buy two hand moisturizers - one to use after your bath and the other in a compact size to carry in your bag. 

    Moisturize your hands at least thrice a day. And don’t forget to check out the weather-based moisturizers for light and intense moisturizing whenever necessary. 

  5. Adopt gentle nail care:
  6. These are a few NO! NO! when it comes to nail care routine. 

    • Do not bite your nails or the skin near them. 
    • Do not scrape off your nail color. It damages the top layer of nails called the dorsal. 
    • Do not use off-brand nail polish remover. 
    • Use almond oil or vitamin e capsule of your choice on your nails after applying nail polish. (and dried!) 
    • Make sure your manicurist uses sterilized nail care equipment after each sitting. 
    • Be gentle with your nail shaper. 
    • Be reasonable with your nail length. (It’s subject to people's preferences) 

  7. Coat it properly: 
  8. We love changing our nail colors that match our outfits. But when it's damaging your nails and their natural color in long term, is it worth it? 

    Well, if you choose beauty, there are ways to save your nails from further damage. 

    Using a base coat and a top coat on your nails whenever you choose to paint them in a new color will help your nails to save themselves. 

    Apply base coat wait for a few minutes, then paint your nails any color of your choice (that reflects your personality!) wait until it dries up, and finally top it up with another shiny coat. 

    Voila! You have your long and healthy nails that glow for longer. 

    Check out a short FAQ on nailcare,

    • How often should I care for my nails? 

    Trim and shape your nails once in two weeks. For daily routine- wash, clean, and moisturize your hands every day. 

    • What causes nail splitting? 

    Nail splitting is caused because of iron deficiency. Take doctor-prescribed supplements or better include iron-rich foods in your diet. 

    • What is the appropriate night care routine for my nails? 

    Same as an everyday routine. Wash your hands, clean your nails, moisturize your hands and use vitamin E oil on your nails and give a gentle massage for strong and shiny nails. 


    Follow these nail care tips regularly to see a difference in your nail look. Stronger nails reflect your attitude towards difficult situations. It not only boosts your confidence but also gives you a sense of accomplishment and the power to work on yourself.  

    Use exciting nail polish to be as vibrant as yourself and glow as good as your cuticles. 

      Happy painting, girls!! 

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