9 classy nail colours that are perfect for your wedding day

You plan so much for your wedding and want everything to be perfect. Then why not your nails. You might consider nails a meager part of your overall look, but they play a huge role in completing your whole look. Your bridal nails should be carefully planned to compliment your wedding dress perfectly.

While you have many options to choose from when it comes to nail colours, certain shades would look perfect for your wedding day. Here, we provide you with a list of 9 elegant nail colours that will look beautiful and classy on your wedding day.

9 classy nail colours for your D day

  1. A dazzling pink shade is ideal for such events; add a little shimmer to it and change the appearance of your nails. Ekmik's Pink bounce is ideal for individuals who cannot deal with a long nail manicure meeting. This shade will complement all complexions, so feel free to attempt it this wedding season.

  2. What's a wedding look with no trace of gold in it? Let your nails communicate everything if you want to go for a negligible cosmetics look this season. Ekmik's dazzler gold is a dazzling brilliant shade that goes with each outfit.

  3. The individuals who love strong shades that cause a little to notice their hands ought to select a deep wine colour like Ekmik's Magenta-stic. This staggering tone will coordinate each complexion and can be worn with light-shaded equips!

  4. A NUDE shade never becomes outdated, don't you concur? Yet, when you need to spruce up for an event, add a smidgen of Peach to your number one nudes to coordinate it with your outfit. Ekmik's Peach IT will get you all the right consideration.

  5. If you love good shades, red is an unquestionable requirement for the wedding season. Regardless of whether you are wearing a red outfit, don't think a lot before wearing Ekmik's red Milan on your tips.

  6. Milky nails are marginally clear and are normally white nail manicures that resemble a glass of skim milk poured over your nails. This pattern can be adjusted in numerous ways to suit the Indian lady of the hour and is very staggering in its simplicity.

  7. Regarding picking a wedding nail polish colour, you can't go wrong with mauve. It's sufficiently unbiased to match any shading scheme or theme yet adds a character to your look. Ekmik's mauve IT is a perfect shade to go for. 

  8. Silver resembles my most loved nail colour. You can apply it to your sangeet or Haldi functions. This tone generally goes lovely with each tone. It praises red, green, blue, yellow, orange, etc. Likewise, you can give this a shot at your wedding since it makes your hands tasteful and sophisticated.

  9. If you are wearing a brown saree or dull brown sharara, this shade will suit you. These are new in design, and it is a lovely tone. Your hands look more attractive with this tone. It gives an exquisite look to your wedding event.


There is no shortage of decisions to be made before your wedding day. And why choosing the right nail colour be one of them. The list of these elegant nail colours will make your nails the talk of the town and are perfect for the wedding season.

Ekmik has a wide range of nail colours to choose from. Their products are completely vegan and free from toxins. In addition, they are patented premium formulas from Europe. For more information, you can visit here

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