9 Nail Paints you can't live without

How about a relaxing manicure at the comfort of your home and then painting your nails with a beautiful nail paint shade? It is therapeutic, indeed. But with so many options to choose from, it is a task to choose a nail paint that suits your mood and personality.

Nail paints are not about different shades these days; it goes beyond that. You can find many options from metallic to chrome to glitter. You can choose any according to your mood and preferences.

So, the next time you plan a manicure session and want something different to adorn your nails, these nail paint options will help you choose the best. 

9 nail paints you can't live without

  1. Gel nail paint is frequently mistaken for crème nail paint, yet is all the more dependable, chip-safe, and costly. At first, possibly applied to assume that the completed look included handling the shading under a UV light; this would now be utilized at home to get comparative looking outcomes.But if we somehow happened to get specialized, then, at that point, there is a distinction in how creme nail paints are set in contrast with their gel partners. Gel is essentially a name that came to fruition to depict the hard UV gel that bonds and sets under a UV light.Gel nailpaint
  2.  Pearl nail polish was an enormous fury during the 90s and early aughts. It contains fine pearlescent particles, which give the clean a remarkably fragile sheen. Typically, paler shadings like shell and white pearl are normal in this.

Pearl gel nailpaint

3. Matte nail polish includes removing the clean from the situation and keeping nails hued but sparkle-free. When purchasing matte nail paint, attempt to go for one of a kind pastel shades. This is because shadings like genuine red, electric blue, or fuchsia pink in matte frequently wind up appearing as though you filled your nails in with sketch pens.

matte nailpolish

4. As the name proposes, metallic nail paint takes after metal in its completion. It doesn't have enormous or apparent particles of shimmer like sparkle nail paint does; however it has a specific brilliance that we find in metals like silver, gold, and bronze. Not just that, these don't have a coarse surface like sparkle nail paint.


5. With regards to exemplary nail lacquer, the standard style is crème. "Genuinely a work of art! You are ready to shine with crème. These are durable because, besides the shading, they're essential. This nail paint is one of the most well-known and will generally be moderately low-upkeep, with an expansive range of shades.

creme nailpolish

6. Nail paints that sparkle or shine in the light are fun-loving fun and proposition the ideal summer excellence fix. These sorts of nail polish frequently incorporate specks of sparkle suspended in a reasonable gleam clean. Try not to avoid the topcoat (chipping is extra perceptible with this nail paint style), and support yourself for a harder-than-common removal process. In any case, with the right shade, fab gloss nail lacquer is certainly worth the work. 

                  fab gloss nail lacquer

7. We're overwhelmed with passion for holographic trends, and there's no explanation the pattern shouldn't reach out to the nails. This style of nail polish is light, clear and radiant. Holographic choices offer an ethereal quality that sets well with spring and summer (particularly celebration season).

holographic trends8. Magnetic- This is one of our beloved nail polishes among the latest things. When the nail paint is applied, a tiny magnet (regularly remembered for the cap of the nail paint container) follows up on minuscule metal particles in the clean to make stripes, waves, or other innovative designs.


9. If you want to relive your old memories, nothing beats the retro style of an energetic neon polish. From hot pink to traffic-cone orange, this sort of nail paint is attractive and inclines toward the matte finish of the range as far as the finish is concerned. 



Almost every woman loves pretty nails and wants to experiment with different nail paint shades, textures and designs. And if you are bored of applying those nail paints again and again, then break the monotony with these 9 options and be on top of the nail trend. 

To explore these and other nail trend options, you can visit Ekmik which is a cruelty free and vegan nail polish brand with patented premium formulas from Europe. 

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