9 Tips for Gorgeous Nails in this Summer Season

They act as a shield against undesired components in the environment. Yes, it is about fingernails. Regarded as the signs of sufficient calcium in the human body, nails are an important part of our hands. 

Not only do they have some identification for healthy keratin and calcium content, but they also make hands look better. Learn some grooming tips for your nails in the summer season. 

Almost every body part exposed to heat is prone to some risks. Protect your nails against the harms of summer with easy-to-follow tips shared in this blog. 

9 Tips for Gorgeous Nails in this Summer Season


Beautiful nails are an indicator of good health. Moreover, who doesn’t want to have pretty nails? We have brought some easy tips that can strengthen your nails. 

Apart from strengthening, they can also enhance the beauty of your nails. Follow a simple routine including them for gorgeous nails. 


1. Keep nails clean and dry 

The first tip for nail management is to keep them dry and clean. It does not need any expensive kit or tools. You just need things easily available at home. 

It involves washing your nails and balancing the moisture exposure. In simple words, protecting the nails from extreme moisture is the right thing. 

For example, wearing gloves while doing certain tasks in the kitchen can protect your nails from too much exposure to water.


2. Moisturize more often 

We know moisturization is a necessity for skincare. It is one of the most important skincare routine practices. Many of us, however, don’t realize the same for our nails. 

Our nails also need moisturization for sustaining the environmental heat and other factors. There are some do’s and don'ts while moisturizing nails.

The pro tip to moisturize your nails is to include your cuticles. You coils choose common household things like coconut oil as a moisturizer. 


3. Remember your cuticles 

During the traditional practice of manicure, there is hardly any protection for nail cuticles. However, use some oils to protect your nails. Dab your cuticles with oils like olive or almond oil before proceeding for the manicure. 

Since cuticles ensure protection against bacteria, trimming them before manicure is not good. Moisturize your cuticles and push them with a cuticle pusher. make sure you trim only the dead cells. 


4. Say no to harsh nail polish 


Choosing nail polish is not only about colors. It is also about quality. Make sure you choose one, after confirming its quality standards. 

Not only are they hard on the skin, but also they may have an impact on nails. Thus, we have a premium collection of high-quality nail polishes that look great.


5. Alternatives to harsh nail polish


There are some healthy options you can choose for your nails. You can have alternatives to harsh nail polishes and other products. Choose less toxic or natural nail polish.

Find cruelty-free, skin-friendly, and amazing nail polishes on our website. Not only do they look great, but are also compatible with your skin. 


6. Buff, don’t color


If you don’t like coloring your nails, then also your nails can look fine. Just take out the time to trim them and buff your nails. 

Being a no-nail color lover, it would be easy for you to buff. You would still love the simple yet elegant nails. 


7. Quality nail polish remover 

Don’t just go for any nail polish remover. Choose one after going through all the factors. However, there are many organic options, if you dont want chemical ones. 


8. Use natural nail strengthening packs 

Like face masks and hair masks, you can use nail masks for your nails. Homemade packs can also be an effective option. 


9. Focus on important vitamins and minerals 

Last, but not least, never forget your diet. A balanced diet is the key to a healthy body. As far as nails are concerned, ensure a sufficient intake of calcium in your diet. 

Try These Amazing Nail Polish Shades


Now that the tips for healthy nails have been shared, it is time for amazing shades. Shades that compliment your nails are a bonus to well-groomed nails, aren’t they?

Try your hands on these shades for a professional and occasion-friendly look. You can later expand this list of shades with further research on our website.  

  • Red Milan 

  • The color of confidence, love, and fierceness, red has always been one of the top choices as a nail polish shade. Try our Red Milan shade to create a bold statement at parties and gatherings.  

  • Frozen white plus citrus orange

  • Want to look minimal with a slight color? Go for the combination of frozen white with a layer of citrus orange. 


  • Dazzler gold

  • Shine with an application of the dazzler gold shade. It can go well with almost every partywear collection. 

  • Pistachio green 

  • We have a large collection of dark and light shades. One of our best shades is pistachio green. It goes well with casual attire. 

  • Orange wine plus lemonade 

  • Light shades such as yellow are a good fit for summer. Try our orange wine shade with a covering of lemonade. 

  • Blossom pink plus purple heart 

  • Pink is the rainbow of multiple shades. Try our blossom pink for a lighter shade and decorate it with a purple heart to get a pretty look. 

  • Pink bounce plus rose-bud gold 

  • Here is another shade from the pink rainbow. Get a classy yet party-oriented look with a topping of rose-bud gold over pink bounce

  • Peach it

  • Peach it is your new companion on a casual date. It goes well with the minimalist wardrobe. 

  • Mauve it plus purple dream

  • Mauve it is your next choice for an experimental look. Make it more elegant with a layering of purple dream on it. 

  • Blue valentine plus black forest 

    How can one not have a blue shade, that too the blue valentine? Add a pinch of black forest to get a calm and bold look together. 

    These are some of our products for an amazing look. Check out Ekmik website for more such shades and rock out your occasions. 

    Summing up…

    So, readers, this was all about the nail care routine in the summer season. It is fine even if you don't have expensive things. Just adopt a healthy routine according to the weather and get everything in place. As far as nail shades are concerned, you can find the best ones on our website. Moreover, they are cruelty-free and quality-assured. 

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