How To Make Nail Polish – Bespoke Style at Your Fingertips

With eye shadow and clear polish, or by blending two nail paint colours together, you can easily create a bespoke nail polish hue. DIY nail paint kits are also available, which include everything you need to design your own personalised colour. The holidays, a formal function, or a sporting event are all good opportunities to use this project to coordinate your nail colour with your outfit. It's easy, fast, and a lot of fun! 

Although, if you don't want to spend that much time making a DIY polish, you can always get your favourite shades from Ekmik! 

Using Clear Polish and Eye Shadow

  • Choose the colour of eyeshadow that best suits your skin tone. Choose an eyeshadow that you won't be using again. You may use any eyeshadow colour to produce nail paint. Make your own bespoke shade by combining several eyeshadow hues.

  • Put the eyeshadow into a Ziploc bag and smash it. There is no need for this step if your eyeshadow is a loose powder, but if it is a solid block, it has to be smashed. Using a spoon, the handle of a makeup brush, or a rolling pin, crush the eyeshadow in a Ziploc bag. When the powder is fine and constant, there are no lumps.

  • Slice off a little piece of the bag's bottom corner to make a hole in it. The smallest possible hole is what you're after, so cut the bag at the very end of the corner.

  • Then fill a transparent nail polish container halfway with the eyeshadow. Remove the cap from the clear nail paint bottle. To create space for the powder, it should be less than three-quarters full. Take care not to dip the bag's cut end into the polish, and place it in the bottle's neck.

  • Replace the bottle's top and shake the contents well. The pigment should be properly spread by shaking the container. It's best to shake the bottle often, particularly before applying the polish.

Nail Polish Mixing

  • Nail paint in at least two shades is recommended. If the colour doesn't turn out the way you envisioned, you may choose to go with a less expensive nail polish. For best results, choose polishes that have a same base and top coat formula, such as those from the same manufacturer. Make sure that the colours you choose work nicely together.

  • Mix one nail polish into a tiny plastic cup. Add the light colour to the darker colour first.

  • Add a little amount of the following colour to the cup and mix it in. If you're working with more than two colours, don't forget to include the other hues. To combine the colours, use a nail polish brush, a paint brush, or a toothpick. 

  • The fresh polish should be stored in a separate container. Take a clean, empty nail paint bottle and pour polish from the cup into it.

Apart from these two methods, there are several DIY kits available in the market with instructions given at the back. You can easily get those online and have a fun time with it! 

Other than that, a wide range of Ekmik Lacquers are always available to you! 

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