A look at the effects of nail polish on nail health and safety

Toxic chemicals in nail polish are a common source of the negative connotations attached to the product. However, this isn't the case with all nail paints. Vegan and cruelty free nail paints like Ekmik's can be good for your nails. 

If you're in the market for a fresh manicure or pedicure, consider going vegan. Here are a few effects of nail polish on nail health and your overall health! 

Boosts your mood

 Your mood may be altered by the hue of your surroundings. Because of this, it is known that the color of your nail polish impacts your mood. When we view a variety of colors, our brains react in various ways. Certain colors elicit an automatic reaction in us. Therefore, the color of your nails can have a significant impact on your mood. 

The color red can raise your heart rate, while green has a calming effect. The color blue can help you relax, whereas the color yellow releases dopamine in your brain, causing you to feel cheerful. 

Animals are not subjected to any testing

Choosing vegan cosmetics like vegan nail polish ensures that no animals were harmed in making the product. So you can have all the exciting colors of nail polish without harming animals. 

Cosmetics should not be subjected to animal testing because it is cruel and pointless. Aside from medicinal or scientific purposes, there is no need to use cosmetics that injure animals. 

No biting

 If you're prone to biting your nails, vegan nail polish is ideal. Biting your nails is a bad habit that can be avoided by using attractively painted nails. Besides the social discomfort caused by nail biting, nail biting also exposes you to disease-causing bacteria and diseases on your nails. In addition to damaging your teeth, biting your nails for a long period of time can also cause them to break down. 

Using no dangerous ingredients, it's no problem to periodically slip up on the habit with vegan nail paint, even if you do find yourself habitually pressing your finger to your mouth. 

An ethical choice 

Veganism is, on the whole, the better moral option. This is particularly relevant to cosmetics. 

However, while it's acceptable that some people still eat animal products, there's no need for animals to be engaged in producing beauty goods. The death or damage of an animal is not worth the cosmetic value of nail polish. 

No dangerous chemicals 

Some of the side effects of exposure to certain toxins include hormonal imbalances, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Use natural, vegan nail polish to keep your nails healthy and avoid these negative health impacts. 

Nail protection

To keep nails free of damage, apply a layer of vegan nail polish. Nail polish protects the nails, preventing them from splitting or peeling. Using vegan nail paint, the nails can also be protected from severe weather or abrasive items.

Additionally, vegan nail paint is an excellent technique to conceal your nails while also giving them time to heal. Finally, avocado oil and minerals found in many vegan nail polishes like Ekmik can help your nails grow stronger and last longer. 

Self care 

Taking a few minutes to paint your nails might help you relax and unwind. When you paint your nails, you can take some time out of your day to relax and treat yourself. Healing and a mind-body connection are possible outcomes of this process, leading to a better quality of life in the long run. 

Choose vegan nail paint the next time you're feeling a little sexy. You can find a wide range of vibrant hues that don't come from insects, fish, or other animals. 

Nail polish doesn't need to be scrutinized for its vegan-friendliness, and you can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed in its making. So why wouldn't you want this in your life? 

There are no animal products in Ekmik Lacquers. So you may rest easy knowing that your nail lacquers were made responsibly. 

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