EKMIK- 10 trending nail colours for women over 50 

Nail care is an essential part when it comes to taking care of yourself. Who doesn’t love applying beautiful nail paint colours on their hands.

There is no age bar when applying nail polish but there are certain shades that look more alluring and decent on mature hands and women over 50.

Here, we discuss 10 trending nail colours for women over 50 that look graceful and beautiful on hands. 

10 trending nail colours for women over 50

  1. The right sort of red is a vibrant shade you can pick. Focus on the accompanying: Dazzling orange-red nails cause you to notice your nail manicure instead of your hands. Burgundy, plum, and even browns are adaptable for day-night blends. Go for more orange-based shades, as opposed to blue-based.

  2. A nude polish has anti-aging power, and each lady ought to have a go-to nude polish. Nudes, baby pinks, and light whites will make broad fingers extended. Assuming you have a fair complexion, pick white, champagne, taupe, or coffee shades. If you have more obscure conditioned skin, pick shades of cocoa, cappuccino, beige, or espresso. Chocolate and shades of greyish-brown are energetic and stylish, yet be careful about dim browns as they can be extremely harsh and unforgiving.

  3. There's a pink for each outfit and event. On the off chance that you do not adore your hands, pick dazzling pinks. They will notice your nail instead of your finger.

  4. While you should avoid blue-shaded shines (as they cause more to notice blue-toned veins and spots), mint green is a great choice, particularly for those with more profound complexions. The colour mint is adequately splendid enough to radiate a young allure, yet not as extreme as hot pink and orange.

  5. We can read your mind: White nail polish, truly? Indeed, truly. White nail polish might be unbiased; however, it likewise has a splendour factor that can give fingers and hands a youthful look. Also: It takes away attention from your hands and onto your painted nails.

  6. Like lipstick or eyeshadow shopping, it pays to keep from thick sparkle nail polish. In any case, that doesn't mean you pass up all the good times. Attempt a bit of metallic or sparkle. Where your work outfit comprises dark colours or a monotone range, a little metallic nail polish will add a feminine touch to your organized look.

  7. What could be a preferable colour over green to counter the noticeable blue veins on your hands? Cool-conditioned, pastel shades like lime greens and mint greens are your smartest option if you have any desire to add a youthful appearance to your hands. This marvellous shading looks similarly lovely on all complexions.

  8. This matte tone is fun and an alternate interpretation of a muffled mauve-pink. It would be a great choice for a hidden and beautiful look.

  9. This delicate blue-grey is another stunning colour that may very well suit you. It's not excessively in-your-face, and it's a unique piece. Maybe blue isn't the main colour you consider with regards to nails. Be that as it may, perhaps now is the right time to take things to a higher level.

  10. Dusty purple- This shade of purple isn't excessively surprising - it's different without much consideration, as a portion of the neon or metallic shine out there.


Painting your nail in warm tones or utilizing the right brilliant colours can make your hands look a lot more youthful. Deep orange with a tone of brown is an incredible decision that looks cool and stylish.

Keep your nails short and your nail colour youthful. Pick a couple of shades you like the most and get lovely, more youthful-looking hands today!

With ekmik's wide range of nail paints, you can choose one that best suits your personality. The products are paraben-free and non-toxic and are patented premium formulas from Europe. For more information, you can visit here

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