French manicure in 5 easy steps

The classic french manicure is one nail trend that is never going to get out of style and is here to stay till eternity. There is something about a French manicure.

It looks sophisticated and is easy to maintain. Your nails will be clean, pretty and ready for almost all occasions. While getting a french manicure at a salon might burn a hole in your pocket.

Recreating the look at home can help you save money and the trip to the salon. With these simple 5 steps, you can do the timeless french manicure easily at the comfort of your home.

5 steps to the perfect home french manicure

To reproduce the French Tip Manicure, you will require nail trimmers, a nail file, a white polish, clear tape, and a good base/top coat polish. Accumulate your provisions, clean up, and follow the steps below.

French Manicure
  • Utilize the nail trimmers to manage each nail to a similar length. Leave however much length to the nail tip as could reasonably be expected, as you will require it to make the french tip. When all nails are managed to a similar length, utilize a nail document to shape the nails. Most french tip nail trims have square-formed nails; however, you can shape your nails into a round shape for a more everyday look.

  • Apply a clear base coat to each nail. The base coat is a significant layer in any nail trim, as it adds a strong foundation for nail tone and shields your nail from staining. For this situation, the base coat is utilized to make the manicured look like your regular nail. After applying the base coat, try to allow the nails to dry before continuing to the next stage.

  • Utilize clear tape and make a straight edge on each nail, beginning at the normal tip of the nail. Making a straight edge will assist you with making the ideal nail tip for your french nail trim. If you have a consistent hand, you can likewise utilize white striping shine or a more slender nail clean brush to make the edge. Bend the edges up to match the standard nail tip line for a more traditional look.

  • Whenever you have made the straight edges, utilize that point for your white nail polish. Apply the white polish, beginning at the edge and paint descending towards the tip of the nail. Paint each nail tip using slow and even strokes in a descending movement. Allow each nail to dry totally and add one more layer of white clean to the nail tip.

  • After adding the second layer of white polish to the nail tips, let that layer dry totally. Once dried, tenderly force the tape from each nail. Apply a clear topcoat over each nail and let it dry totally. Use a quick-dry splash or run your nails under cool water for a fast dry choice. 

French Manicure


This timeless and simple nail art gives your regular nail a glamorous look. Adequately simple to reproduce at home, you can save your trip to the nail salon and money as well. Enjoy this simple yet stylish look for any occasion or a rich style. 

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