Look Your Fabulous Best – How to do Gel Nails at Home – Perfectly!

Face masks, self-care, and new hobbies are all on the rise, and many of us are even learning to cut our own (and others') hair since COVID-19 started.

But when it comes to a neat manicure or pedicure, our nails have become a bit of a mess.

A pedicure at home has become a common practice for many of us, particularly because the nail paint on our toes can withstand even the most strenuous activities.

Doing your nails at home is a very different experience. The longer-lasting gel manicures in particular.

Here is how you can gel manicure at home! 

If you plan on using a UV light, be sure to apply sunscreen to your hands first. It's a good idea to invest in an LED light for two reasons: Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are less irritating to the skin. Using LED lights, you may dry your polish in less than one-fourth of the time. By doing so, you'll be able to save a considerable amount of time. Of course, Ekmik lacquers provide gel like finish and dries super fast without the need for UV lamps! 

  • Prepare the nails. Start with a set of nails that are clean. Gently push the cuticles back, if necessary. To roughen the nail's surface, use a 180 grit file.

  • Clean the nails. To remove oil and debris from the nail and cuticle, immerse a lint-free cloth (paper towel) in 90 percent alcohol.

  • Next, apply a thin layer of foundation gel, taking care not to apply an excessive amount of product. The polish will peel and lift if the base layer is applied too thickly. Brush off any excess with a brush soaked in 90% alcohol if it gets on your skin or cuticle. No product must adhere to your skin since this will cause the polish to peel off the nail and chip.

  • Use the UV lamp. Take a two-minute break. Make sure you read the instructions on your lamp before using it. UV lights take longer to cure the polish than LED lamps, so they are more expensive. 

  • Add some colour to your life. Apply the first layer of polish. In the first application of  colour, you'll see that it's a little streaky and not completely opaque. This is just typical! Cleanse the skin and cuticles of any remaining debris. 

  • Use the UV lamp. Take a two-minute break. Use your lamp's instruction manual!

  • Add colour. Two coats may be sufficient for light colours. However, you'll need three coats for darker polishes. 

  • UV lamp time. Take a two-minute break. Use your lamp's instruction manual!

  • Put the colour in place. If the colour is still streaky, you may choose to apply a third layer of paint. Instead of going thick on my cuticles and thin at the nail tip, you can use a little brush to apply a glitter lacquer.

  • UV lamp break time! 

  • Now top this off with a top coat. 

  • UV lamp time again! 

  • Remove the tacky coat using a paper towel soaked in 90 percent alcohol, scrape away any remaining residue with a lint-free cloth (paper towel). Yes, you may use the same towel that you used in step #2 for this step.


  • Starter kits are a waste of money. Rubbing alcohol in a pricey bottle forms the pH bond. There is no need for this, although it might be helpful if you ever have issues with polish staying put.
  • Don't use heavy layers.
  • One hand at a time works best.
  • Make sure the tip of your nail is smooth and shiny by buffing it. Brush the polish from the nail bed to the edge of the nail, then finish by brushing the polish over the edge of the nail. You'll have a better manicure for longer!
  • You may use different brands of gel polish together.
  • To remove gel polish off nails, do not use a pealing motion. If you do this to your nails, they will get damaged. You don't need to get too far into the color coats when only removing the clear coat. Instead, use a little piece of aluminum foil wrapped around the tip of your finger to hold a cotton ball soaked in pure acetone against your nail.

    Let the acetone seep into the gel polish for 10-15 minutes is a good time frame. Removing the foil is the first step. The polish should come off easily!

  • When your nails are healthy and strong, the polish lasts longer. 

Lastly, if you want a gel like finish at home and want to skip all these steps, Ekmic   nail lacquer collection is the perfect choice! 

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