How to remove gel nail extensions at home?

Who doesn't love to flaunt those beautiful nails? Indeed all of us. Nail extensions look beautiful and add a spark to your whole look. But when they start peeking from the bottom of your natural nails, they look really bad. And you have that urge to remove them instantly.

But removing gel nail extensions is not an easy task. Nail extensions are already a costly affair, and getting the nail extensions removed is an additional cost to be borne.

So, if you want to save a few bucks, instead of heading to a nail salon, you can remove your nail extensions at home. Here, we give you a few tips on how you can remove your gel nail extensions easily at home.

How to remove gel nail extensions at home?

1. Assuming that your nails have grown out a great deal, you can utilize dental floss to take them off. You should pry your cuticle with a stick and make a little channel. Then, at that point, embed the floss through the delta and move it in a sawing movement. Continue to do it till the nail extension pops off. You will require an accomplice who can pull the dental floss for this method.


2. If you don't have someone around you, you can utilize this technique to take your fake nails off. You should cut the nail extensions as short as could be expected. Then, at that point, pry the edges with a stick or the sharp finish of the tweezer. Then, take a bowl and pour CH3)2CO or polish remover in it. Also, add a little warm water to it. Then absorb the nails with the nail polish remover for around 20 minutes. When the nail gets relaxed, delicately take it out with tweezers.


3. You can likewise file the fake nails. Begin by eliminating all the colour and design from nails. Then, at that point, cut them to the shortest length conceivable. Presently, start filing, utilizing long strokes. Continue to file till you arrive at your genuine nail bed.


4. You will need to wet a cotton ball with a nail polish remover for this technique. Put the cotton ball on your fingers where you have nail extensions from that point onward. Then, at that point, cover your fingers with aluminium foil. The process takes 20 mins, after which you can eliminate the aluminium foil, and with it, the extensions will be taken out as well.


5. After removal, it's ideal for protecting the nails by applying a few layers of a good base coat to strengthen the nails. This will ensure the shine and health of the nails is maintained.


Applying and removing gel nail extensions can be easy and should not damage your natural nails with the right technique. But the process sometimes dries them out. This leads to weak and brittle nails. So, taking care of your nails and applying cuticle oil and moisturiser after removing nails can help strengthen the nails so you can enjoy those quirky nail extension designs and patterns. 

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