Nail Battles: Overlays versus Gel Extensions

An extraordinary method for adding strength and length to your regular nails, overlays and nail extensions are a decent choice to consider on the off chance that you have feeble nail beds or don't have the tolerance to grow them long normally.

Intended to look as genuine (or phoney) as you like, the process is speedy and simple and will give you clean, exciting looking nails for a long time in the future. Unfortunately, there are so many technical names that we listen to in the nail salon and get occupied as to which one would be the best. So, while most of us are confused with these terms, let's clear the air between overlays and gel extensions. 

The nail battle begins with overlays or gel extensions.

nail overlays


Overlays are marvellous for the people who truly battle growing their nails. An overlay is either acrylic or hard gel applied onto the regular nail, however NOT broadening the length. Overlays can be done with stain/gel polish or the utilization of coloured acrylic. Overlays need similar measures of consideration as extensions. Maintaining them is also vital, and you should go to these to keep your regular nail healthy. Gel overlay doesn't extend the nail or give it any length, as in the case of fake nails. Instead, gel overlay gives an exceptionally standard, clean, and improved look. Overlays are an incredible choice for some events and give you a more everyday look than extensions.

Gel extensions

Gel Extension

Gel Extensions furnish the strength of acrylic nails with a natural nail. A lightweight plastic plate that follows the state of the regular nail is secured to the tip of the nail to add the ideal length and shape. A gel combination is then applied over the highest point of the extension and relieved under a UV light to get set up, adding strength and sparkle. Just as looking more normal, Gel Extensions are scentless and are a lot kinder to your nails. Acrylics can harm your nails because your nails are left unfit to breathe underneath the acrylic. Gel Extensions then again contain reinforcing and growth advancing ingredients that benefit the health of the nail bed. Being unscented, Gel Extensions are reasonable for pregnant ladies as well. 

Choosing between overlays vs gel extensions


  • They fortify your current nail
  • There's no compelling reason to replace them. You need to get them topped off
  • They're really low maintenance
  • They're unscented
  • They're much less destructive to the climate than acrylics
  • Less expensive than gel extensions

nail overlays


  • Restricted choices since you should work off of your current nail, and you need to keep up with the regular length of your nails.
  • They should be refilled every 3 months.
  • Itching becomes difficult with these.

Gel extensions

  • You get to pick any shape, length and look you need
  • They last up to a month
  • There's no harm caused to your regular nails
  • They're odourless
  • They're significantly less unsafe to the climate when contrasted with acrylics

Nail Extension


  • They're very high upkeep
  • Taking them off is exceptionally difficult and requires a specific measure of buffing
  • They're costly
  • Putting on jeans and opening boxes is not easy with these.


Fake nails come in two sorts; extensions and overlays. Which you pick relies upon whether you need extra length or strengthening and durable colour. It's ideal for checking with the professional doing your extensions or overlays about any aftercare to prevent these issues.

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