Nail Color Each Zodiac Sign Should Wear


Nails are an important part of an individual's personality. We love experimenting with new trends and patterns now and then. How about choosing nail colours based on your zodiac sign. Sounds exciting, right? Some people are fond of horoscopes or zodiacs, whether for fun or otherwise. People quite love the horoscope column in the newspaper. And wearing colours based on your zodiac signs are lucky. It also reveals a lot about your personality. And you have something new to try on your nails as well. Each zodiac sign has its favourite hue. Let's find out which nail colours should the zodiac signs wear.

Nail colour as per zodiac sign

  1. Without a surprise, the first sign of the zodiac Aries loves wearing red colour. Because of their fierce nature, they would like something bold and red, the signature colour that brings out their true personality. It very well describes your passionate and impulsive nature. So, if you are an Aries, then wearing bold red nail polish for zodiac sign would go the best with your personality.

  2. If you are a Taurus, then green is your colour. Their down-to-earth, reliable, and dedicated personality matches the green colour perfectly. Green is nature's colour, which is very closely associated with the zodiac.
  3. Gemini is a sign that is interested in various things and has many passions. This air sign has a dual nature of being pleasant, talkative and serious and restless at the same time. The best colour for the Gemini people would be yellow. It is perfect for channeling your creativity and providing mental clarity.

  4. The next on the list are cancers. Silver is their colour power. Their gentle and pure nature goes well with this silver colour. Cancers are emotional, peaceful and calm. 

  5. The born leaders, Leos, are ruled by the sun and are brave and fiery spirited. Orange is the colour for less. This complementing shade draws much attention, very much like you. Concurrently, orange represents experience, spontaneity, and exhibitionism.

  6. If you belong to the Virgo family, brown is your power colour. As a Virgo, you are functional, intelligent, and precise in your way to deal with life. Your earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn't reluctant to further develop abilities through determined and reliable practice.

  7. Charming, wonderful, and even libra's blossom makes things efficient and tastefully satisfying. Past that, you're an optimistic individual, however exceptionally hesitant. Their colour is pink. As one of the prettiest ladylike shades, the pale tint of pink conjures your sweet nature, which relaxes your presence. 

  8. As a serious individual with a propensity to be harsh, Scorpios are frequently misjudged by others. You have a strong presence and demanding character. Your affinity for secrets makes you one of the fascinating, mysterious signs of the zodiac. The colour for your scorpions is black. This shade intimidates others with its mysterious aura.

  9. Sagittarius loves moving individuals to carry on with their best lives since that is your speciality yourself with an inventive nature. You're extremely curious and independent. Purple is your go-to colour. The shade of spirituality ingrains your creative energy and recuperates your mental stress. Purple colour allows you to pursue geological, intellectual, and spiritual adventures.

  10. Charcoal grey is the colour for Capricorns. This earth sign is hardworking, determined and ambitious. The colour conveys strength, maturity and practicality. This colour very well represents Capricorn's unique personality. 

  11. The next zodiac sign is the unpredictable Aquarius. You can adorn blue nail colour, which brings out your personality very well. Blue is a universal colour, and this shade calms and centres your thoughts. 

  12. As somebody profound and inventive, Pisces have a creative soul that makes them delicate and natural. They are loaded with empathy and have a big heart. The tint of the sea, aquamarine, is the powerful colour for the Pisces soul. It animates your energy and causes you to feel totally at ease. Aquamarine is the shade that provides you with a sense of security.


Your zodiac colour will help bring out your true personality and draw in positive energies. So your zodiac colour is the lucky charm you will need to encircle yourself with. If you are looking for these colours matching your zodiac sign, buy the cruelty-free range of polishes from Ekmik. Ekmik has a wide range of nail paints to choose from, which have patented premium formulas from Europe. 

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