Nail polish hacks to step up your DIY manicure game

The covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things and made us self-reliant to an extent. For those of you who love perfectly trimmed and polished nails, the lockdown made you to look for some DIYs to keep your nails prim and proper. Also, getting a manicure done at a salon every other day can dig a hole in your pockets.

So, trying out a DIY manicure at home is not a bad idea. The DIY manicure may not be as perfect as the salon manicured nails. But they say practice makes a man perfect. You might find it a little tricky in the beginning to get that perfect shine, but once you have the knack for it, you will love doing your nails at home.

You can step up your DIY manicure game with some of our easy yet chic nail polish hacks which will take your nail game a level higher, and you would love the results.

Nail polish hacks for your DIY manicure 

Here are some cool nail polish hacks that you should know about to level up your DIY manicure game.

  1. You can reach for a container of cooking spray from your kitchen to set your nail in place. Whenever you are finished applying shine, spray your nails with the oil from around six inches away. The oil spray won't simply dry the top layer of your nail polish yet also grease up your nails a piece with the goal that you will not have as many smears. What's more, that is not all! The spray will assist you with moisturizing your cuticle. Mutual benefit!
  2. Assuming you're into DIY manicures, this hack can truly sort your life. After disposing of your old polish with a remover and before painting your nails once more, absorb your nails with a solution of water and white vinegar. Blend these two ingredients in a bowl and dunk your fingers in it for a couple of moments. Vinegar will remove any oil or lotion leftover from the nail polish remover and prevent any bubbles.
  3. A lady cannot do anything when her nails are drying! Indeed, not any longer. You will be amazed to realize that dunking your newly painted fingernails in super cold water can speed up the drying process. Since the cold solidifies polish, it is an extraordinary way of preventing clusters.
  4. Who would have thought a loofah could help you with acing your DIY manicure game? However, it does! The following time you consider disposing of your loofah, recall you could make a fishnet manicure with it. Take an old loofah and utilize the netting as a guide. You will be fascinated with the outcomes!
  5. No nail polish is finished without a topcoat. A top coat gives that high shine to the polish and makes your manicure stay fresh and smooth for much longer. While applying a topcoat, run the brush along the top edge of the nail. This will help seal the raw edge of the nail polish and prevent chipping.
  6. Store your nail polish bottles upright, and search for nail polishes that contain no destructive poisons, like formaldehyde and formaldehyde pitch, which are usually used to keep the formula from isolating in the container. Without these harmful poisons, the bottles must be kept upstanding to prevent separation and shake the container before using so your nail polish is always in a good situation.
  7. Set out the tape in the shape you need to 'remove' from your nail tone. Then, at that point, apply a base coat and two layers of polish around the tape. In the end, when you strip it off, you're left with a wonderful negative-space manicure with hardly any effort.
  8. At any point can't help thinking about how those ladies with long almond nails hold them back from breaking? "It requires regular care and TLC. That seems like a ton of work, yet consider it like this: "During your evening schedule, add a routine to deal with your nails. So when you're finished with your face, put on cuticle oil after that. 
  9. Continuously stroke your file in one direction. Any other way, it'll tear the tip of your nail and leave it rough. Filing your nails erroneously can cause parting, stripping, and breaking.
  10. Before covering your nails with polish, remember that you need three strokes to cover the nail. "You need the polish to do most of the work and spread out as it's set on the nail—the brush is only there to direct the speck of polish into the right spot. Beginning from the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right, and afterwards down the middle, and you are done!


These simple nail polish hacks will make your DIY manicure easy and convenient. Using these hacks can notch up your manicure game and give you those perfect salon-like nails at home.

For your DIY manicures, Ekmik’s range of nail polishes are a perfect choice. They are non-toxic, not tested on animals and unadulterated. Ekmik’s products do not contain harmful parabens, sulphates, chemical sunscreens and synthetic fragrances.

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