The 10 Types of Manicures you should know about

You don’t need a special occasion to get your nails manicured. If you are someone who is artistic and loves to get creative or someone high on self-love, then this is your excuse to get a manicure today. Giving your Nails some extra love is now becoming a normal thing. Earlier, people were skeptical about manicures and pedicures as this was considered 

something to be done on special occasions or very expensive. But now, people love to pamper themselves, and different types of manicures are available in the market that suits your budget. But with the different styles available in the market it gets confusing at times, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with the ten different types of manicures. 

You can consider manicure as an art. You can express yourself through the different  types of manicure you wish to get done. You can experiment with the colours you like and let your nails speak for yourself.

In this blog, we will tell you about ten types of manicures you should know about. So the next time you book your appointment, you get something new on your nails.

The Ultimate Guide to 10 different types of Manicures 

1)Basic Manicure 

We are familiar with this standard and traditional style of manicure. In basic manicure, your nails are trimmed, shaped, and buffed. Next, cuticle oil is applied to your cuticles and taken care of your cuticles. After that, your hands will get a relaxing massage, and then you can choose your favourite colour for the nail polish. This is the most common and basic manicure that most of the people usually get done. It is very budget-friendly; the only con with this manicure is that your polish can get easily chipped and become dull over time. 

Basic Manicure

2)French Manicure

A classic french manicure never goes out of style. It goes with your every look, and you don’t have to worry about matching your nails with your outfit or vice-versa. This classic manicure looks chic, stylish, and elegant. Here the manicurist will colour your nail with a simple beige or pink colour and then top it up with white nail polish on the edges of your nails in a crescent shape. This shape gives your nails a very crisp look. You can also add your colour and give twist. 

French Manicure

3) Reverse Manicure 

Reverse manicure makes your nails look stylish and eccentric. As the name suggests, the manicurist will apply the white nail polish in the shape of the crescent on the edge and the base of your nails by pushing back your cuticles. You can also do this at your home. 

Reverce manicure

4) Shellac Manicure 

If you are lazy and don’t love to get your nails done frequently, a shellac manicure can come in handy for you. Shellac is an original brand, and it’s a mix of both gel and regular nail polish. It is known for its durability, and unlike traditional nail polish, it doesn’t chip off very easily. After the basic process, the manicurist will apply two coats of gel polish and top it up with a top coat. The only con about this manicure is that it can be expensive and not easy to remove; it can also damage your nails. 

Shellac Manicure

5) American Manicure

This gives your nails a very natural, neutral look. Here the nails are trimmed and then given a rounder form. The manicurist then applies a base coat and later ivory shades to your nails. This style gives your nails a very luxurious look. 

American Manicure

6) Mirror Manicure 

This look is trending on Pinterest and every on social media. So if you are someone who loves to show off their inner diva and is extravagant, this manicure is for you. After the basic process, the nails are applied a black or any shade of dark nail polish on the nails and then dried under a UV lamp. After this, a chrome pigment is applied to give your nails a mirror effect, then they are covered with a top coat and again dried under a UV lamp.

Mirror Manicure

7) Vinylux Manicure 

If you are someone who loves to experiment and gets easily bored with the same style, you can try a vinylux manicure. After the cleaning process, the manicurist applies two layers of vinylux nail polish and later with a special top coat. Vinylux nail polishes are long-lasting and easy to remove/ you can also add stones to make them look more pretty.

Vinylux Manicure

8) Acrylic Manicure

This is for someone who doesn’t have long nails. It uses powder polymer and liquid monomer to make a hard acrylic nail on your original nails. The manicurist will create a rough surface on your nail so the acrylic nail can easily stick to it. It is applied through a brush and once it is dried, the manicurist will apply nail polish on your new nails. 

Acrylic manicure

9) Powder Dip Manicure

After the traditional steps, the manicurist will apply an adhesive on your nails which are then dipped into coloured powder. They are easily dried.

Powder manicure

10) Paraffin Manicure

This is for the people who have rough and dry hands and need that extra care; then Paraffin manicure is for you. This is like spa treatment but for your hands and nails. Your hands are massaged, and you get extra soft hands at the end of the treatment. The manicurist will first melt a paraffin wax in a melting device and wait till the temperature is lowered. Meanwhile, the manicurist will massage your hands with oils. Once the temperature is set, your hands are dipped in the wax. This process is done seven times and then dried. Once done the manicurist will remove the dried wax from your hands and proceed with the normal manicure. 

Paraffin Manicure

Manicures can be fun and relaxing but remember to take precautions. Make sure your manicurist's tools are sterilized and fresh, as negligence in this can spread infection. Don’t frequently give your nails a manicure as this can damage your nails natural tissue. These are some few rules to keep in mind and you are good to go. So when are you getting your favourite manicure?

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