The 7 latest trends in manicures from around the world

Nails are not just deadcells anymore, it makes a beauty and hygiene statement of people. And we women just love making statements to the world by oozing confidence and charisma. 

Well, you add on to it let’s take a look at the top 7 latest trends in manicures from all over the world. It’s all about beauty, elegance and going the extra mile to look powerful. 

Remember - Stronger your nails, bolder your attitude! 

How to get a safe manicure? 

Know these 5 points of getting a safe manicure since doing nail art has become quite common. 

It’s not just about being beautiful, its about having hygienic and pretty nails. 

  1. Book manicure appointments with a trusted salon with high reviews and customer ratings. 
  2. Make sure that the manicure salon you choose have options in the service such as french manicure, shellac manicure, 3D manicure, brazillian manicure, hot oil manicure, acrylic manicure, paraffin manicure and more. 
  3. Get a reassuring manicure artist who knows the health of your nails and meet up with your look needs. 
  4. Make sure that your manicure artist uses strelizzed equipments for each sitting. (It’s always safe to be than sorry!) 
  5. Get counsel of you manicure artist before you plan on hiding your brittled nails with artificial nails. 

The 7 latest trends in manicure all over the world: 

Painting your is own nails seems to be a task. Therefore getting a manicure seems to be the next best option. 

Here are the latest manicure trends that you can try and show off your strong, healthy and glowing nails to everyone. 

Let’s get going!! 

  • Marble look manicure: 
  • Marble nails used to be black and white manicure with the marble finish. But now it s not the case. Women love colors and it seems to be expected a lot nowadays. 

    They want their nails to turn heads or should I say bend heads.. So be it! This season is all about subtle colour marble manicure painted with care, passion and class. 

    This look is to die for! 

  • Rhinestone manicure: 
  • Diamond is our best friend. We women love sparkle! Why just fingers? And why not nails? Thats why rhinestone manicure is one of the best trending nailart that you could have for your lovely cocktail dresses. 

    Having a lavish party? Let you nails shine just like you! 

  • Velvet manicure:
  • Paint your nails just right in the semi-metallic colours to look absolutely stunning! 

    The shiny velvet-like look can be achieved only with magnetic polishes and a small magnet it used to control the application part of the nail colour. 

    It is said to be similar to that of cat-eye nail colour which was trending in 2020. 

  • Minimalistic choice:
  • Nude nails took it’s turn and now it’s time for minimalistic nail choices to glow through. 

    Are you someone who draws inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s looks? Then you are in for a treat when it comes to minimalistic daily manicured nails. 

    Check out this amazing nailart. 


  • French Manicure then. Baby Boomer now!
  • French manicure is now called as Baby boomer. The change is not only in the names but also the looks. 

    Ombre french manicure started with just white tips, then changed to coloured tips, but now, you can blend in two colours to make it look twice as elegant and exotic! 

  • Printed love manicure
  • “Baby I’m preying on you tonight! 

    Just like animals, animals, animals!!”

    Are you a little wild? Are you someone who loves adventure? 

    This crazy little pattern is just for you. Try out these leopard prints in gold, white and more! 

  • Pastels are the new pink!
  • We all know how pastel colour have taken over the fashion world.  

    Who wouldn’t love a strike of pastel nails with a rocking pastel outfit? Well, I certainly do. 

    Mix in some pink, orange, blue and green. There you go! You go something for everyone from tween to ties. 

    These pastel palette is love!! 


    Now that you are updated with the trends, aren’t you excited to try it out? 

    This is your time. You can’t be seriously waiting until the next set of trends rush in to jam the fashion world. 

    Check out the Ekmik nail polish collection, choose what works for you and paint your nails girls!! 

    Be wild, be exciting, be unique with Ekmik!!

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