The Coolest Nail Art Designs to try

Nail art has gained popularity in the past few years. Be it any occasion, adorning your nails with different patterns and designs has become a trend. Salons have formally re-opened post-pandemic, and keeping in mind that we spent a significant part of the previous year idealizing our DIY plans, we didn't precisely accomplish similar imaginative artfulness as the stars do with our old eyeliner brushes and bobby pins. Also, getting your nails done gives you another level of satisfaction. You can choose any nail art design for your mood. There are many nail art designs to try. This season, brights dominate, with elevating shades like corrosive yellow, lime green and hot pink. 

We give you some of the coolest and chic nail art designs ideas to try on this season.

The coolest nail art designs

  1. Brand logo nail art- If you are crazy about luxury brands, then a nail art design of your favourite brands' logos would be something fun to try on. Keep it low-key and exquisite by adhering to a basic colour range. Enhancing the tips of a French nail trim with marked decals is a great illustration of how to wear this look without being ludicrous. Short brand names and little logos, for example, Chanel's 'CC' or Louis Vuitton's initials, work best in the restricted space.
  2. Tie and dye nail art- We have all loved tie and dye clothes this season. Why not try this for our nails too? Rethink the boho-splash-colour look with this great nail art design. The magnificence of this look is that you can make it work with practically any colour tone. Furthermore, it's not difficult to do at home. Just apply a white base coat, then, at that point, working rapidly while it's wet, speck your picked colours onto the white. Then, at that point, place a sandwich sack over your nail and pat down on it to blend the tones. You can add extra subtleties by running a toothpick through the polish also. And voila, you are done!
  3. Pick a sweet, heartfelt look with the love heart nail art design. It's ideal for Valentine's Day, a night out on the town, or exactly when you're feeling the Cupid's soul. Pink and red is a perfect colour blend, and settling on a pale pink base makes the red hearts pop.
  4. Colourful nail art- This beautiful nail art design will take you directly back to your secondary school art class. The paint splodges suggest a craftsman's range and are an extraordinary way of joining an entire rainbow of colours into your nail art design. Joining the shadings with a nude base coat makes balance and keeps you from seeming as though a paint spill. You can pick quite a few tones to utilize, and apply them on the edges of your nails using a fine nail polish brush. The wavy edges are critical to making the paint range look. This nail art design is nice and fun, in addition to it looks incredible when it is decorated with a hint of gold.
  5. Flower nail art- Who needs a bunch of flowers when you can carry them around on your fingers the entire day? This botanical nail art design is gorgeous and is an incredible search for early lunch with the young ladies or end of the week picnics. Pick any flower in any tone to make this look unique. Nonetheless, a neutral range is truly wearable and flexible.
  6. Fruit nail art- Pineapples are sweet in flavour. Accordingly, they're ideally suited for making this nail art design. The way into this look is to not go over the top. Pick one finger for the work of art and one finger for an emphasize shading to moor the design. Then, at that point, keep the remainder of the nails a light nude colour to allow your sweet art to do all the taking. Pineapples are amazing as that yellow is a solid colour. You can likewise experiment with different fruits as well.
  7. Evil-eye is another trendy nail art design to work with. Keeping the base nude with a blue colour evil eye on all fingers or just one or two to make it stand out from the rest of the nails. The design would be eye-catchy and cool at the same time. Do give this a try this season.
  8. An adorable pastel range will take you from the workplace to relaxed ends of the week effortlessly. Be that as it may, as opposed to keeping it basic, pick a charming nail art design utilizing various shapes and shades with dark features. You can indeed allow your creative energies to stream with this nail art design. Charming designs like this are most appropriate for shorter or more adjusted nail shapes like round, almond, or oval nails.
  9. Fun-loving designs are fantastic in case you're searching for something happy and fun. Blending tones is an incredible way of exploring different avenues in terms of tone and shades. In the meantime, adding charming designs like an eye with lashes allows you to rehearse your canvas abilities while making something creative yet chic. 
  10. Add some fluoro to your existence with this nude and yellow nail art design. The nude tones the entire look down, taking the style from rave to beguiling. The splash of colour adds some interest without being over the top. The sprinkles of colours on the edges of your nails are exciting and cool at the same time.


The nail art trend is here to stay, and you will find new designs and intricacies with each passing day. So, these cool options are a must-try for those who love to experiment with different styles and patterns and love keeping their nails beautiful.

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