The Need for a Base Coat and Top Coat: Do they really work?

Baby pink, hot pink, magenta, or bold red? It is really tough to choose a nail polish shade. What else can be tougher regarding application and retention of an absolutely beautiful nail polish? It is the question of whether to go for a base coat vs the top coat. 

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of both so that you may get some perspective. Post this, we will also talk about some of our newest nail colours that you should try out. 

The need for a base coat and top coat: Do they really work?

Are base and top coats really necessary? Do they really work? Almost every woman has these questions in mind. Well, the answers lie in studying their benefits. 

Once we know about the benefits, it would be easy to decide their significance. So, here we go:

Benefits of Base Coat 

A base coat is an inner coat applied to the nail during the manicure. Besides binding the nail polish firmly to your nail, it serves a lot more.

Not only does it strengthen your nail polish bonding, but also helps in many things. Here are some of the reasons for applying the base coat. 

  • Prevention of peeling and chipping 

During a manicure, there is a possibility of nail polish not adhering properly. In this case, consequences like peeling and chipping are possible. 

However, with the application of the base coat, these changes can be reduced. They serve as adhering agents just like glue or double-sided tape. 

  • No staining of nails 

Some nail polishes have an unwanted tendency to stain nails. It is due to the presence of pigments and dyes. The most wanted criminal, in this case, is the bright red nail polish. 

Moreover, this can cause a yellow tinge on your nails. The layering of the base coat prevents the pigments from reaching your nail. 

  • Flexibility in nail polishes 

Too hard nail polish can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. The plasticizers in the base coat incorporate softness. 

In simple words, this makes the coating flexible enough. The best thing is the ability to bend nails without letting the nail polish chip or crack.. You can also use this for naturally brittle nails. 

  • Covering the cracks and signs of damage 

One of the best advantages of a base coat is to cover any signs that look awkward. Any such mark or bumps on your nails that would make your nail polish look uneven will be flattened out with a base coat.

Thus, it is equally important to have a base coat to hide any such signs. This is possible by filling the ridges to even out the surface and give it a smooth texture and feel.

Benefits of a Top Coat 

The above-mentioned lines are somewhat explanatory of how a base coat can be useful. As the second question was about the top coat, here are some reasons for that. 

Go through the reasons to use the top coat in addition to the base coat. 

  • Protection against damage and breaking 

Your nails are subject to high chances of breaking. This may be due to a number of tasks involving the usage of nails.

 That's why a top coat is necessary. It has the ability to strengthen the core of nails by giving them extra protection 

  • Refraining the contact between water and your nails 

The pace of peeling of nail polish increases with water exposure. A top coat plays an important role in this case. 

It acts as a barrier between excess moisture content and your nails. For better results, you can use gloves to decrease the speeding up of nail polish chipping away..

  • Acting as a shield against harmful UV rays 

Top coats also protect nails against harmful UV radiations. The action of decomposition can be due to the presence of dyes and pigments. 

Consequently, it will also protect your nail color from fading. This function of a top coat is effective in UV ray protection. 

Nail colors worth trying 

The benefits of top as well as base coat have been described in very clear words. It is now time to learn about some eye-catching nail colors. 

These shades are excellent and suitable for versatile occasions. Learn about our collection that can add elegance to your personality. 

  • Red Milan 

Red is almost the first choice of people who love bold statements. If you are one of such people, give a try to the Red Milan shade.

  • Frozen white plus citrus orange

Why not try experimenting with shades that resemble summer? This summer, you can amplify your summer getup with a magical combo of frozen white and citrus orange. 


  • Dazzler gold

Ready for the next function? This time prepare your attire with a dazzler gold touch to your nails. It would go well with bright colors. 

  • Pistachio green 

Want to stay minimal? Go for our pistachio green that goes well with the minimal girl touch with perfection. 

  • Orange wine plus lemonade 

Love yellow tint too much? Come on, try an amazing combo of orange wine plus lemonade in a variety of ways. Get ready to excel with your summer special wardrobe collection. 

  • Peach it

You can never ditch a peach it shade for its elegance and classy hands. Looking forward for you to tr these shades. Try it on high contrast attire for an excellent look. 

  • Mauve it plus purple dream

Try mauve it if you like a contrast on the nail shades. Explore the consequences of purple dreams in this shade. 

This design of ours is versatile and goes well with all sorts of modern clothing. 

  • Blue valentine plus black forest 

 It is not acceptable to avoid the blue valentine shade.  By adding a  pinch of black forest, you can get an unmatched look that suits your elegant personality. 

There is more to know and try from our treasure. Check out those shades for a treat to your nails! 

Summarizing the words…

We hope this blog helped you get some perspective. Till then, take care. See you soon.

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