How To Choose Fashion-Forward And Trendy Nail Polish Set

One of the things that get ladies going is nail polish. Everyone enjoys having painted nails, and when done correctly, nail polish can do a lot to enhance your appearance.

However, it is said that many individuals struggle with nail paint application.

There's just one thing to watch out for when it comes to nail polish: colour. There are a few things to consider when choosing a nail polish shade, and doing so will do you (or your nails) a world of good.


Skin tone 

When it comes to picking a nail polish colour, your skin tone is the most crucial consideration. According to your skin tone, there are certain guidelines to follow when choosing nail paint. The darker the hue, the better it looks on those with lighter skin tones. People with medium skin tones may wear dark red nail paint, while those with deeper skin tones can wear whatever colour they choose.

Fortunately, Ekmik lacquers are perfect for every single skin tone!



Even while some fashion experts feel that your nail paint should match your dress, others say that if you want to add a little flair and imagination to your appearance, you should use a contrasting colour on your nails.


Even while both sides have their points of view, it doesn't mean that one side is correct and the other wrong. Here's a single piece of advice: When it comes to picking a nail paint that complements your clothing, trust your gut. But if you're simply in love with a certain hue that complements a specific component of your outfit, you may go for it.


Red Nail Colour


The colour red embodies the energy of all four seasons. We're looking forward to a brighter and more neon version of this hue for summer. Khloe Kardashian, Saweetie, and Selena Gomez have all worn it. Finally, our nails have been prepped for a red hue. You can get your hands on Ekmik Red Milan shade. They're durable (they won't chip or peel for a long time) and quick to dry.


Nail Polish in a Neutral Shade


You can never go wrong with neutral colours! Nails in this neutral shade will appear polished and flawless even if you don't like the vibrant summer hues. Fortunately, nude shades are all the rage this summer, and celebs aren't afraid to let their outfits speak for themselves rather than their nails. So feeling summery without committing too much is easy with this colour.


Fascinating Floral Nail Art


The summer nail polish trend is all about florals and bold colours. In addition to painting your nails, this is the one for you if you're a fan of nail stickers! They are excellent for decorating your fingernails and toes. If you apply these stickers correctly, they may endure for a long time and retain their shine simultaneously. If you want to keep the nail sticker safe, you may use a topcoat. This is a must-have item for everyone who enjoys doing nail art.


Nail Polish in Bright Yellow for the Summer


Make your day brighter with a bright yellow manicure! They're so bright and airy, and they've got us ready for the warm weather. It's a colour that will lift your spirits and ensure that you never have a boring day when you wear it. It inspires a fresh sense of hope and tenacity.


What is the best way to keep your nails in tip-top shape?


Nail care is an important part of a good diet, cleanliness, and consistent practice. Even if you don't use nail polish, having strong, healthy nails gives you a certain type of strength! Cleansing and hydrating your nails are the first steps. Extra care should be used while putting hand lotion on your nails. A frequent practice is to remove or clip the cuticles, yet they are the nail's natural coat of protection. So don't meddle with it. Gentle nail care is the finest. As a result, it is not recommended that you use a nail file to remove debris from below the nails.

You can more easily give your nails the attention they need when healthy and strong. With these summer nail colours, we intend to liven up the summer vibe and your nail art ideas with some aid from these hues. These vivacious and glossy nail colours from Ekmik will lift your spirits while also enhancing your style.

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